validate_provenance: Validate the provenance template

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validate_provenanceR Documentation

Validate the provenance template


Validate the provenance template





(list) The data and metadata object returned by template_arguments().


This function compiles provenance input as provenance to make_eml() and listed in the provenance.txt template, and returns all unique values in the provenance.txt template.

Checks performed by this function:

  • Template column names are correct

  • systemID is one of the supported system identifiers

  • dataPackageID and systemID pair resolves to resource metadata in systemID

  • A URL is present and resolves for external resources

  • An online description is recommended for external resources

  • A title is present for external resources

  • A persons name, or an organization name, is present for external resources

  • A creator and contact (role) is listed for each external resource

  • An email contact is recommended for external resources

Checks are grouped by required and optional criteria. If any required checks fail, then the entire template is removed from x.



(character) Descriptions of issues found in the template


(list) A potentially modified x if relevant issues were found

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