Man pages for EESI/themetagenomics
Exploring Thematic Structure and Predicted Functionality of 16s rRNA Amplicon Data

cnnNormalize an OTU table by 16S rRNA copy number
DAVIDHuman longitudinal microbiome data
download_refDownload functional prediction reference tables
estEstimate topic or function effects
est.functionsEstimate predicted function-topic effects
est.topicsEstimate topic effects
est_topics_backendBackend to extract effects for 'est.topics'.
extractExtract summary statistics
extract_stan_summaryBackend to extract summary from rstan object
find_topicsPerform topic estimation on a themetadata object
GEVERSInflammatory bowel disease gut microbiome data
picrustPredict OTU functional content via PICRUSt
picrust_otuPredict OTU functional potential via PICRUSt
predict.topicsPredict topic functional content
prepare_dataPrepare themetadata object from data for topic modeling...
resumeResume HMC using a previous fit
sMake a B-spline Basis Function (from 's')
stm_wrapperWrapper for stm
t4fPredict taxonomic functional content via tax4fun
visLaunch in interactive visualize to explore topic effects
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