Man pages for ERottler/rfs
Rhine Flood Seasonality Analysis

annualMaxAnnual maxima from time series
checkShiftcheck shift values
gnamesgauge names
mapEurope borders map
metameta data about gauges
minimapDEM plotting function
qdoyComputeQuantile estimation per DOY
qdoyPeriodsDOY quantiles for several periods
qdoyVisVisualize seasonality of discharge
qdoyVisPeriodsVisualize seasonality changes
rfsRhine flood seasonality
rfsAppLaunch interactive data analysis
RPvalsReturn Periods
seasseas - streamflow aggregates
seasAxisSeasonality axis
seasFolderGet path to folder with seasonality analysis + data
seasTrendSeasonality trend 1960:2010
selectDatesselect Dates
smoothFFTsmooth time series with FFT
STplotPlot seasonality trend depending on threshold for "flood"
thresfunsthreshold computation functions
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