Man pages for EarthSystemDiagnostics/proxysnr
Separate Signal and Noise in Climate Proxy Records.

ArraySpectraSpectral estimates of core array site parameters
DiffuseRecordDiffuse a record.
diffusion.lengthDiffusion lengths
diffusion.tfCalculated diffusion transfer functions
DiffusionTFDiffusion transfer function
dmlDML oxygen isotope data
LLinesAdd spectrum to existing log-log spectral plot
LogSmoothSpectral smoothing
LPlotLog-log spectral plot
MeanSpectrumMean spectrum
muench_laepple_fig02Figure 2 in Münch and Laepple (2018)
muench_laepple_fig05Figure 5 in Münch and Laepple (2018)
PlotArraySpectraPlot proxy array spectra (Figure 1 in Münch and Laepple,...
PlotSNRPlot proxy SNR (Figure 3 in Münch and Laepple, 2018)
PlotStackCorrelationPlot proxy stack correlation (Figure 4 in Münch and Laepple,...
PlotTFPlot transfer functions (Figure B1 in Münch and Laepple,...
PolyplotDraw error shading
PublicationSNRFinal DML and WAIS spectra
SeparateSpectraCalculate signal and noise spectra
SetPlotParDefault plotting parameters
SpecMTMMultitaper spectral estimate
StackCorrelationCorrelation with common signal
t15Trench oxygen isotope data
time.uncertainty.tfCalculated time uncertainty transfer functions
TimeUncertaintyTFTime uncertainty transfer function
TrenchNoiseTrench noise spectrum
waisWAIS oxygen isotope data
WrapSpectralResultsWrap spectral results for several data sets
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