Man pages for EarthSystemDiagnostics/sedproxy
Simulation of Sediment Archived Climate Proxy Records

BioturbationWeightsBioturbation weights
ClimToProxyClimSimulate sediment archived proxy records from an input...
example.dataData for running the examples in package 'sedproxy'
growth_rate_l09_RForaminifer Growth Rate Function from FAME 1.0
MakePFMDataframeConvert "everything" part of output from ClimToProxyClim to...
N41.G.ruber.seasonalitySeasonality of Globigerinoides ruber at core MD97-2141
N41.proxyMg/Ca proxy based temperature reconctruction for core...
N41.proxy.detailsMetadata for datset 'N41.proxy'
N41.t21k.climateClimate (surface temperature) at core MD97-2141 from...
param.tabsedproxy parameters
PlotPFMsPlot forward modelled sedimentary proxies
ProxyConversionConvert between Temperature in Degrees C and Proxy Units
scussolini.tab1Scussolini et al. (2013) Table 1
sedproxysedproxy: Simulation of Sediment Archived Climate Proxy...
ShinySedproxyRun ShinySedproxy
stage.labelsLabels for proxy stages
stages.keyDescription of proxy stages
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