Man pages for EconModels/MacroGrowth
Economics Models

bestModelExtract the best model (least sse) from a list of models
cd2ModelFit Cobb-Douglas Models
cd3ModelFit Cobb-Douglas models with 3 Factors
cdModelFit Cobb-Douglas models
cesBoundaryModelsFits CES boundary models
cesModelFitting CES models
cesParseFormulaExtract information from a CES formula
EconUKUK Economic Data
formula.utilsUtilities for working with formulas
fortify.LINEXmodelfortify LINEX models
getDataExtract data associated with an object
getHistoryExtract fitting history of a model
historicalPlotCreate graph of historical data.
leaf_applyApply a function to leaves of a list.
linexModelFit LINEX models
myqdataQuantiles from Data
naturalCoefNatural coefficients of a model
plmFit parameterized linear models
resampledDataCreate resampled data
resampledFitsPerform resample fits for a model
residuals.CDEmodelExtract CDEmodel Residuals
responseReturn response values from original data used to fit a model
sfModelFit single factor models
sseCompute SSE from a model object
tri2xSome Graphics functions
triplotTriangle Plots
withinConstraintsTells whether a CES model is within constraints
yhatCompute fitted values on natural scale
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