Man pages for EcotopeResearch/rterm
Temperature-Energy Regression Models for Building Energy Use Data

addDataAdd data to a "term" object
addMethodAdd a method to a "term" object
addWeatherAdd weather to a "term" object
commercialBilled energy use for a Seattle-area commercial building
cplmFit a change point linear model
cplmxFit Multiple Change Point Linear Models from a Single Dataset
ecotopeBilled energy use for Ecotope's Seattle office
evaluateEvaluate a term
extractModelExtract an individual model from a fitted term
newTermInitialize a new "term" - temperature energy regression model
plot.cplmPlot Change Point Linear Model
plot.stationCompPlot a comparison of GHCN weather stations
predict.cplmChange Point Linear Model Coefficients
projectionProject a temperature-energy dependence onto archival weather...
read.ghcnRetrive GHCN Weather Data
read.noaaRead data from NOAA's Climate Data Online Web Services
residsPlotPlot Residuals from a Change Point Linear Model
rterm-packageTemperature-Energy Regression Models for Energy Use in...
ruralBilled energy use for a rural Washington State home
stationCompareCompare GHCN Weather Stations
stationSearchSearch for GHCN Weather Stations
stationTrendLook at a time trend within a station, for example the past 5...
summary.stationCompSummarize a comparison of GHCN weather stations
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