Man pages for EhrmannS/geometr
Generate interoperable geometric shapes

dot-getDecimalsGet the number of decimal places
dot-makeTinyMapMake a tiny map
dot-radConvert degree to radians
dot-testAnchorTest anchor for consistency
dot-testColoursTest colours
dot-testTemplateTest template for consistency
dot-testWindowTest window for consistency
dot-updateOrderUpdate column order
dot-updateVerticesUpdate the vertices
dot-updateWindowUpdate the window
gc_geomTransform a spatial object to class 'geom'
gc_grobTransform a spatial object to a grob
gc_pppTransform a spatial object to class 'ppp'
gc_sfTransform a spatial object to class 'sf'
gc_spTransform a spatial object to class 'sp'
geom-classGeometry class (S4) and methods
geometrgeometr: Generate and Process Geometric Shapes
getCRSGet the coordinate reference system of a spatial object.
getExtentGet the extent (bounding box) of a spatial object.
getHistoryGet the history of a spatial object.
getSubsetGet the subset of a spatial object.
getTableGet the attribute table of a spatial object.
getTypeGet the type of a spatial object.
getVerticesGet the table of coordinates of a spatial object.
getWindowGet the reference window of a spatial object.
gs_lineCreate a line 'geom'
gs_pointCreate a point 'geom'
gs_polygonCreate a polygon 'geom'
gs_randomCreate a 'geom' randomly
gs_tilesCreate a regular tiling 'geom'
gs_voronoiCreate a voronoi tiling 'geom'
gtGeomsExample 'geom' objects
gt_locateLocate (and identify) clicks
gtPPPExample 'ppp' object
gtRastersExample 'RasterStack' object
gt_reflectReflect 'geom's
gt_rotateRotate 'geom's
gt_scaleScale 'geom's
gtSFExample 'sf' objects
gt_sketchSketch 'geom's
gt_skewSkew 'geom's
gtSPExample 'Spatial' objects
gt_stretchStretch 'geom's
gtThemeDefault visualising theme
gtTheme-classTheme class (S4) and methods
gt_translateTranslate 'geom's
makeLayoutMake the layout of a plot
makeObjectMake the object to a plot
setCRSSet (or transform) the coordinate reference system of a...
setHistorySet additional entries to the history of an object
setTableSet the attribute table(s) of a spatial object.
setThemeCreate a new theme
setWindowSet the reference window of a spatial object.
show-geom-methodPrint geom in the console
show-gtTheme-methodPrint gtTheme in the console
visualiseVisualise raster and geom objects
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