Man pages for EmSherratt/geomorph
Geometric Morphometric Analyses of 2D/3D Landmark Data

advanced.procD.lmDeprecated functions in geomorph
arrayspecsConvert landmark data matrix into array (p x k x n)
bilat.symmetryAnalysis of bilateral symmetry
buildtemplateBuild 3D surface template
combine.subsetsCombine separate landmark configurations
compare.evol.ratesComparing net rates of shape evolution on phylogenies
compare.multi.evol.ratesComparing net rates of shape evolution among traits on...
compare.plsComparisons of Effect Sizes from Partial Least Squares
coords.subsetSubset landmark coordinates via a factor
define.linksDefine links between landmarks
define.modulesDefine modules (landmark partitions)
define.slidersSelect points to "slide" along curves
digit.curvesCalculate semilandmarks along a curve
digit.fixedDigitize 3D landmarks on mesh3d object
digitize2dDigitize 2D landmarks on .jpg files
digitsurfaceDigitize 3D fixed landmarks and surface semilandmarks
editTemplateEdit 3D template
estimate.missingEstimate locations of missing landmarks
findMeanSpecIdentify specimen closest to the mean of a set of Procrustes...
fixed.angleRotate a subset of 2D landmarks to common articulation angle a data frame with shape data
geomorph-packageGeometric morphometric analyses for 2D/3D data
globalIntegrationQuantify global integration relative to self-similarity
gm.prcompPrincipal components analysis of shape data
gpagenGeneralized Procrustes analysis of points, curves, and...
gridParSet up parameters for grids, points, and links in...
hummingbirdsLandmark data from hummingbird bills (includes sliding...
integration.testQuantify morphological integration between modules
interlmkdistCalculate linear distances between landmarks
larvalMorphHead and tail shapes of larval salamanders
modularity.testEvaluate the degree of modular signal in shape data
morphol.disparityMorphological disparity for one or more groups of specimens
mosquitoLandmarks on mosquito wings
mshapeEstimate mean shape for a set of aligned specimens
nested.updateDeprecated functions in geomorph
phylo.integrationQuantify phylogenetic morphological integration between two...
phylo.modularityEvaluate the degree of phylogenetic modular signal in...
physignalAssessing phylogenetic signal in Procrustes shape variables
picknplot.shapePick points in geomorph scatterplots to visualize shape...
plethodonLandmark data from Plethodon salamander heads
plethShapeFoodHead shape and food use data from Plethodon salamanders
plethspeciesAverage head shape and phylogenetic relationships for several...
plotAllometryPlotting to assist visualization of shape-size covariation...
plotAllSpecimensPlot landmark coordinates for all specimens
plot.bilat.symmetryPlot Function for geomorph
plot.CRPlot Function for geomorph
plot.CR.phyloPlot Function for geomorph
plot.evolratePlot Function for geomorph
plotGMPhyloMorphoSpacePlot phylogenetic tree and specimens in tangent space Function for geomorph
plot.gpagenPlot Function for geomorph
plot.mshapePlot Function for geomorph
plotOutliersFind potential outliers
plot.physignalPlot Function for geomorph
plot.plsPlot Function for geomorph
plot.procD.lmPlot Function for geomorph
plotRefToTargetPlot shape differences between a reference and target...
plotspecPlot 3D specimen, fixed landmarks and surface semilandmarks
plotTangentSpacePlot specimens in tangent space
print.bilat.symmetryPrint/Summary Function for geomorph
print.combined.setPrint/Summary Function for geomorph Function for geomorph
print.CRPrint/Summary Function for geomorph
print.CR.phyloPrint/Summary Function for geomorph
print.evolratePrint/Summary Function for geomorph
print.evolrate1Print/Summary Function for geomorph
print.geomorphShapesPrint/Summary function for geomorph function for geomorph
print.gpagenPrint/Summary Function for geomorph
print.morphol.disparityPrint/Summary Function for geomorph
print.physignalPrint/Summary Function for geomorph
print.plotTangentSpacePrint/Summary Function for geomorph
print.plsPrint/Summary Function for geomorph
print.procD.lmPrint/Summary Function for geomorph
procD.allometryDeprecated functions in geomorph
procD.lmProcrustes ANOVA/regression for Procrustes shape variables
procD.pglsPhylogenetic ANOVA/regression for Procrustes shape variables
pupfishLandmarks on pupfish
ratlandLandmark data from dataset rat
readland.ntsRead landmark data matrix from nts file
readland.shapesRead landmark data from a shapes object (StereoMorph)
readland.tpsRead landmark data from tps file
read.morphologikaRead landmark data from Morphologika file(s)
readmulti.ntsRead landmark data from multiple nts files
read.plyRead mesh data (vertices and faces) from ply files
rotate.coordsRotate or flip landmark or coordinate configurations
scallopPLY3D scan of a scallop shell from a .ply file in mesh3d format
scallopsLandmark data from scallop shells
shapeHullsUpdate Plots with Convex Hulls for Groups
shape.predictorShape prediction from numeric predictors
summary.bilat.symmetryPrint/Summary Function for geomorph
summary.combined.setPrint/Summary Function for geomorph Function for geomorph
summary.CRPrint/Summary Function for geomorph
summary.CR.phyloPrint/Summary Function for geomorph
summary.evolratePrint/Summary Function for geomorph
summary.evolrate1Print/Summary Function for geomorph
summary.geomorphShapesPrint/Summary Function for geomorph Function for geomorph
summary.gpagenPrint/Summary Function for geomorph
summary.morphol.disparityPrint/Summary Function for geomorph
summary.physignalPrint/Summary Function for geomorph
summary.plotTangentSpacePrint/Summary Function for geomorph
summary.plsPrint/Summary Function for geomorph
summary.procD.lmPrint/Summary Function for geomorph
two.b.plsTwo-block partial least squares analysis for Procrustes shape...
two.d.arrayConvert (p x k x n) data array into 2D data matrix
warpRefMeshCreates a mesh3d object warped to the mean shape
warpRefOutlineCreates a 2D outline warped to the mean shape
writeland.tpsWrite landmark data to tps file
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