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Provenance parser


The prov.parse function parses the provenance collected by rdt or rdtLite. This provenance can be stored in a prov.json file or passed to prov.parse as a string. The provParseR package also defines a number of functions that extract and return information from the parsed provenance.


prov.parse(prov.input, isFile = T)



A path to a json file that has been created by rdt or rdtLite or a string that is in prov.json format.


A logical value that indicates whether the provenance information is stored in a file (isFile=T) or in a string (isFile=F).


A ProvInfo object that can be passed to the access functions provided by the provParseR package.

See Also

The access functions, including get.environment


prov <- prov.parse(system.file ("testdata", "prov.json", package="provParseR", mustWork=TRUE))

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