Man pages for EnriquePH/OEIS.R
Data from The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences in R

author_listGetting authors list from author vectors
char0toNULLConvert character(0) into NULL
OEIS_authorOEIS sequence authors from 'internal format', or from the...
OEIS_bfileS3 class constructor for 'bfile' data.
OEIS_bfile_urlGet sequence data url in 'bfile' format.
OEIS_bibtexGetting BibTeX citation from OEIS sequence
OEIS_cfOEIS sequence linked cross references from sequence...
OEIS_checkOEIS ID Validation
OEIS_commentsOEIS sequence example lines from sequence 'internal_format'
OEIS_crossrefsOEIS Cross references
OEIS_dateOEIS sequence creation date from 'data.frame'
OEIS_descriptionGet OEIS sequence description
OEIS_dfGet OEIS sequence information lines from XML document data
OEIS_download_bfileDownload bfile from the OEIS
OEIS_exampleOEIS sequence example lines from sequence 'internal_format'
OEIS_extensionsOEIS sequence extensions from sequence 'internal_format'
OEIS_formerlyGet OEIS sequence former 'ID'
OEIS_formulaOEIS sequence formula lines from sequence 'internal_format'
OEIS_ggplotOEIS_ggplot Plot OEIS sequence with ggplot
OEIS_IDOEIS sequence authors from 'internal format', or from the...
OEIS_internal_formatGet sequence internal format
OEIS_keywordsOEIS sequence keywords from sequence 'internal_format'
OEIS_linksLinks from sequence data-
OEIS_mathematicaOEIS Wolfram Mathematica code from sequence 'internal_format'
OEIS_offsetOEIS sequence offset from 'xml2' data.
OEIS_search_urlFind url to search in OEIS a given text
OEIS_seqs_adjacentOEIS Adjacent sequences from XML document
OEIS_seqs_in_contextOEIS Sequences in context from from XML document
OEIS_sequenceS3 class constructor for 'OEIS_sequence'
OEIS_statusGet OEIS sequence status
OEIS_termsGet OEIS sequence terms from 'XML" document.
OEIS_total_sequencesTotal Number of sequences in OEIS
OEIS_urlGet sequence url in the OEIS server
OEIS_web_urlOEIS server main web page url
OEIS_xmlRetrieves content from OEIS web as an XML document
plot.OEIS_sequencePlot class OEIS_Sequence
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