Man pages for EricKrg/hikeR
What the Package Does (One Line, Title Case)

hike_apprun app
hike_create_linescreate_lines function
hike_distancedistance calculation
hike_height_diffheight difference
hike_iso2sftrannsformation function -> geojson from ors to sf
hike_iso_createcreates a iso chrone polygon for reachabilty display
hike_performance_kmpKm - performance km
hike_progressBarrenders a progressbar ui element
hike_routingthis function combines multiple routing providers and their...
hike_scrape_picscrape wikipedia pictures by search term
hike_search_plcsearch fun, which throws an error if typed in searhterm could...
hike_traveltimetravel time in min and hours
hike_warnungenthis function retrives weather warnings from germany from the...
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