Man pages for EvanOdell/mnis
Easy Downloading Capabilities for the Members' Name Information Service

mnismnis: Easy Downloading Capabilities for the Member Name...
mnis_additionalAdditional member information
mnis_all_membersAll Members of Both Parliaments
mnis_all_referenceAll reference tables in a list
mnis_baseA generic function for the MNIS API
mnis_constituency_resultsConstituency election results
mnis_departmentMinister/shadow minister posts
mnis_eligibleAll eligible members of both houses
mnis_extraA wrapper for 'mnis_additional' functions.
mnis_full_biogBiographical details
mnis_general_election_resultsElection results by area and date
mnis_joined_betweenMembers who joined between two dates.
mnis_lords_typePeers' party affiliations
mnis_member_dateMember status on given date
mnis_mps_on_dateAll MPs between two dates
mnis_party_stateParty standing on a given date
mnis_peers_on_dateAll peers between two dates
mnis_political_interestsPolitical and Geographical Interests
mnis_referenceReference data
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