Man pages for EvgenyPetrovsky/deeque
Data Quality framework for data frames in R

add_checkAdd check into group
add_checksAdd list of checks into group
analyze_runAnalyze checks results and stop if data quality is...
apply_checkExecute check one check on data
check_result_infoSelect check result attribute from check run results as...
col_hasAllValuesAll values from list present in column
col_hasAnyValueAny of values from list present in column
col_hasCompletenessAssess ratio of missing value with user-defined function
col_hasConsistentTypeThe largest fraction of values has the same type
col_hasCorrelationHas correlation with reference column
col_hasCountDistinctHas number of distinct non-null values
col_hasDistinctnessAssess distinctness of column values with user-defined...
col_hasEntropycustom validation of a column’s entropy
col_hasHistogramValueHas histogram value
col_hasMaxcustom validation of a column’s maximum value
col_hasMeanHas mean value
col_hasMinHas minimum value
col_hasPredictabilityuser-defined validation of the predictability of a column
col_hasQuantilecustom validation of a particular quantile of a column
col_hasStandardDeviationHas mean value
col_hasTypeColumn is of specific type
col_hasTypeConsistencycustom validation of the maximum fraction of values of the...
col_hasUniquenessAssess uniqueness of column values with user-defined function
col_hasValuevalidation whether column has values that satisfy predicate...
col_isCompleteNo missing values in a column
col_isContainedInValue is contained in a list of predefined values
col_isGreaterThanvalidation whether values in the 1s column are greater than...
col_isInLOVValue is contained in a list of predefined values
col_isLessThanvalidation whether values in the 1s column are less than in...
col_isNonNegativevalidation whether all values in a numeric column are...
col_isNotGreaterThanvalidation whether values in the 1s column are not greater...
col_isNotLessThanvalidation whether values in the 1s column are not less than...
col_isUniqueNo duplicates in a column
col_satisfiesData rows match the predicate
col_satisfiesIfvalidation whether all rows matching 1st predicate also match...
col_typePossible column types
convert_checks_to_dfConvert group of checks into dataframe
convert_run_results_to_dfConvert check results into data frame
convert_to_dfConvert to dataframe
load_checkLoad check from RDS file
load_groupLoad group of checks from RDS file
new_checkCreate new check
new_checks_for_columnsAdd same check for different columns
new_groupCreate new group of checks
ratioRatio of success based on vector of logical values
run_checksApply checks to dataset and return dataframe
run_checks_and_proceedApply all checks to dataset and if there are no errors
save_checkSave check into RDS file
save_groupSave group of checks into RDS file
severityPossible severity levels
severity_above_thresholdFunction that creates severity check function.
severity_at_thresholdFunction that creates severity check function.
severity_rankTranslate severity label into rank
severity_under_thresholdCreate severity check function.
stop_if_miss_columnsRaise error in case when dataframe doesn't contaain columns
stop_if_not_implementedFunction that just stops execution and generates error...
tab_hasColumnFunction that checks whether column presents in the dataframe
tab_hasColumnCountFunction that calculates number of columns in dataframe and...
tab_hasColumnsFunction that checks whether columns presents in the...
tab_hasRowCountFunction that calculates number of rows in dataframe and...
tab_hasUniqueKeyFunction that checks whether combination of columns contains...
udf_betweenBetween function
udf_eqEqual to function
udf_geGreater than or equal to function
udf_gtGreater than function
udf_leLess than or equal to function
udf_ltLess than function
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