Man pages for FRBCesab/popbayes
Bayesian Model to Estimate Population Trends from Counts Series

bugs_to_dfExtract estimated parameters from a list of BUGS outputs
diagnosticCheck if a BUGS model has converged
filter_seriesExtract the count series corresponding to a location and/or a...
fit_trendFit a Bayesian model to estimate population size trend
format_dataFormat count series
garambaAfrican mammals survey in the Garamba National Park
list_seriesRetrieve the count series names
plot_seriesPlot original vs converted counts
plot_trendPlot estimated population trend
popbayes-packagepopbayes: Bayesian Model to Estimate Population Trends from...
read_bugsImport a list of BUGS outputs previously exported
read_seriesImport a list of count series previously exported
series_to_dfExtract original/converted count series data from a list
species_infoSpecies information dataset
w_to_rmaxCompute rmax from adult female body mass
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