Man pages for FarhadPishgar/MatchThem
Matching and Weighting Multiply Imputed Datasets

cbindCombine 'mimids' and 'wimids' Objects by Columns
completeExtracts Imputed Datasets
is.mimidsChecks for the 'mimids' Class
is.mimipoChecks for the 'mimipo' Class
is.mimiraChecks for the 'mimira' Class
is.wimidsChecks for the 'wimids' Class
matchthemMatches Multiply Imputed Datasets
mimidsMatched Multiply Imputed Datasets
mimipoMultiply Imputed Pooled Outcome
mimiraMultiply Imputed Repeated Analyses
osteoarthritisData of 2,585 Participants in the OAI Project
poolPools Estimates by Rubin's Rules
trimTrim Weights
weightthemWeights Multiply Imputed Datasets
wimidsWeighted Multiply Imputed Datasets
withEvaluates an Expression in Matched or Weighted Imputed...
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