Man pages for FilippoFranchini/dshm
Density surface modelling unsing Hurdle approach for zero inflation

DC_cropDistance to coast
DR_cropDistance to river
dshm_bootNon-parametric bootstrap for Hurdle model uncertainty
dshm_check_segmentsChecking for overlapping features between segments
dshm_correct_segmentsCorrecting segments for overlapping features
dshm_diagnosticsDignostics tool for Hurdle models
dshm_fill_gridPreparing prediction grid for spatial analysis
dshm_finalize_segmentsPreparing segments for spatial analysis
dshm_fitFitting spatial Hurdle models
dshm_make_gridCreating a prediction grid
dshm_plotPlotting prediction grid
dshm_prepPrepares data for Hurdle model fitting
dshm_spatial_correlationCalculating spatial correlation for Hurdle models.
dshm_split_transectsSplitting transect lines into segments
obsdataObservation data
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