Man pages for Fisch-Alex/anomaly
Detecting Anomalies in Data

ac_correctedTransforms the data X to account for autocorrelation.
acgh-dataMicroarray data.
anomaly_seriesA technique for detecting anomalous segments based on CAPA.
capaA technique for detecting anomalous segments and points based...
capa.mvDetection of multivariate anomalous segments and points using...
capa.uvDetection of univariate anomalous segments and points using...
collective_anomalies-methodsCollective anomaly location, lags, and mean/variance changes.
lightcurves-dataKepler Lightcurve data.
machine-temperature-dataMachine temperature data.
passDetection of multivariate anomalous segments using PASS.
period_averageA function to search the Kepler data for periodically...
plot-methodsVisualisation of data, collective and point anomalies.
point_anomaly-methodsPoint anomaly location and strength.
show-methodsDisplays S4 objects produced by capa methods.
simulated-dataSimulated data.
summary-methodsSummary of collective and point anomalies.
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