Man pages for FlowWest/cvpiaData

bypass_overSutter and Yolo Bypass Over Topped
bypass_prop_QProportion Flow at Yolo and Sutter Bypasses
create_Sit_arrayGenerate SIT Model Compatible Array
cross_channel_gatesDelta Cross Channel Gates - Days Closed
degdayDegree Days
dlt_diversDelta Proportion Diverted
dlt_divers_totDelta Total Diverted
dlt_habDelta Rearing Habitat
dlt_inflowDelta Inflow
dlt_tempsDelta Temperature
egg_temp_effectTemperature Effect on Egg Mortality
floodplainFloodplain Habitat
floodplain_bypassBypass Floodplain Habitat Area
freeportQcmsFlow at Freeport
fryFry Inchannel Habitat
has_spring_runSpring Run Present
inchannel_bypassBypass Instream Habitat Area
inundation_durationsFloodplain Habitat Activation Duration
juvenileJuvenile Inchannel Habitat
load_baseline_dataLoad SIT Model Inputs for Years 1980-1999
meanQMonthly Mean Flow
med_flowMedian Flow
misc_dataMiscellaneous Model Inputs
misc_deltaDelta Miscellaneous Inputs
prop_diversionProportion of Flow Diverted
prop_pulseProportion Pulse Flow
ptemp20mcMigratory Corridor Temperature Exceedance
rearing_tempsRearing Temperature
returnQReturn Flow
spawnSpawning Habitat
temppropsTemperature Proportions
total_diversionTotal Flow Diverted
upsac_flowUpper Sacramento Flows
watershed_orderingOrdering of Watersheds
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