Man pages for FoscoV/foreYield
forecasting yield result

bartolomeoModwrapper for bartMachine
breakTrendsselect where to break the trends and plot usefull graphs
checkTrendsPlot usefull graph to check the existance of trends
configureimport all the data needed
cutTrendActually do the cutting of trends, not simply setting it
foreYield-packageforecasting yield result
loadYieldSessionsimply restore a past session (saved)
modSelInteractive choice of the model you like more
responseYieldSome adjustment and mainly prints the results
saveYieldSessionSimply saves yieldPrev environment for future use
sewTrendsTuning systemic trends
valiTrendSome statistical checks on the printed results
virgilioguide you all along
yieldPrevWorkspace aimed to not get trubles in the main environment
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