R package (Bio/Lithostratigraphy tools for Scientific Ocean Drilling Data)

This package

Most citations for functions will be from: Fraass, A.J., Wall-Palmer, D., Leckie, R.M., Hatfield, R.G., Burns, S.J., Le Friant, A., Ishizuka, O., Aljahdali, M., Jutzeler, M., Martinez-Colon, M., Palmer, M., & Talling, P.J., In Press, A revised Plio-Pleistocene age model and paleoceanography of the northeastern Caribbean Sea: IODP Site U1396 off Montserrat, Lesser Antilles. (Stratigraphy)

Fraass, A.J., & Leckie, R.M., In Prep., Oligocene Planktic Foraminiferal Taxonomy and Evolution: an Illustrated Revision of Ocean Drilling Site 803. (Ready for submission to Journal of Foraminiferal Research)

Fraass, A.J., Leckie, R.M., DeConto, R., Burns, S.J., & McQuaid, C., In Prep., Oligocene Miocene Chronostratigraphy: An example at Ocean Drilling Program Site 744, Kerguelen Plateau. (Prepared for Newsletters on Stratigraphy)

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