Man pages for GLEON/rLakeAnalyzer
Lake Physics Tools

approx.bathyEstimate hypsography curve
buoyancy.freqCalculates buoyancy frequency.
center.buoyancyCalculates the center of buoyancy.
cline_calcCalculate cline of series of segments
depth.filterData filter to remove soak, heave and upcast
drop.datetimeFind and drop the datetime column from the datatable
epi.temperatureGet volumetrically averaged epilimnion temp
get.datetimeSearch for and return the datetime column from a ts...
get.offsetsGets depths from data frame containing profile info.
hypo.temperatureGet volumetrically averaged hypolimnion temp
internal.energyInternal energy function (Joules)
lake.numberCalculate Lake Number
lake.number.plotPlots time series of Lake Number
latesummerLate Summer Profile
layer.densityReturns the average density of a layer between two depths.
layer.temperatureReturns the average temperature of a layer between two...
load.bathyImport lake bathymetry data.
load.tsLoad timeseries from properly formatted text file.
meta.depthsCalculate the Top and Bottom Depths of the Metalimnion
rLakeAnalyzerLake Physics Tools
schmidt.plotCreates a time series plot of Schmidt's stability
schmidt.stabilityCalculate the Schmidt stability
thermo.depthCalculate depth of the thermocline from a temperature...
ts.buoyancy.freqCalculate the buoyancy (Brunt-Vaisala) frequency for a... the center of buoyancy for multiple temperature...
ts.internal.energyCalculate physical indices for a timeseries.
ts.lake.numberCalculate physical indices for a timeseries.
ts.layer.temperatureCalculate volume-weighted average water temperature across a...
ts.meta.depthsCalculate physical indices for a timeseries. physical indices for a timeseries.
ts.thermo.depthCalculate physical indices for a timeseries.
ts.uStarCalculate physical indices for a timeseries.
ts.wedderburn.numberCalculate Wedderburn number for a timeseries.
uStarCalculates the water friction velocity, uStar
water.densityEstimate Water Density
wedderburn.numberCalculates Wedderburn Number for a lake.
whole.lake.temperatureGet volumetrically averaged whole lake temperature
wtr.heat.mapPlots a heat-map of water temperature.
wtr.heatmap.layersPlots water temperature heatmap with major limnetic layers...
wtr.layerExploration of lake water column layers
wtr.lineseriesCreates a line based plot of temperature profile time series
wtr.plot.tempCreates a time series plot of the thermocline and top and...
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