Man pages for Gabegit/gmtools
My small tools for efficiency

backup_dot_emacsbackup '.emacs' to .emacs.d and restore an old one
convert_to_org_caldirectly convert raw outline to teaching org ical
convert_word_timetabledirectly convert raw outline items into word timetable
create_paircreate pair-wises for aph yaml
create_teaching_calendarcreate teaching calendar in org-mode
create_timetablecreate teaching outline timetable in Word
felt_tips_fontshow words in felt tips(粗头笔) fonts
fetch_aqi_sqlitefetch aqi from local sqlite database
html2Rmdtransfer html with R trunks into Rmd using pandoc
onetranstranslate using bing,baidu,google,etc
replace_mul_filesreplace in multiple files using regular expression
search_city_aqiexplore city(default nanchang) aqi
track_my_writingtrack my writing process
transfer_num_chinesetranfer numbers into Chinese numbers...
trans_zh_to_entranslate Chinese html page from into English...
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