Man pages for GarrettMooney/moonmisc
Personal Utility Functions

applyApply Wrappers
cdSet Working Directory
clear.knitr.cacheDelete knitr cache
composeCompose multiple functions
decDecrease by 1
githubSearch github
googleSearch google
hhFirst five columns and rows.
iFirst five and last five rows.
incIncrease by 1
invlogitInverse Logit Function
kmeans_plotk-means Diagnostic Plot
length-zero-defaultDefault value for 'length(x) == 0'.
lglength( grep( ... ) )
logitLogit Function
luNumber of non-NA unique elements in a vector Returns the...
lzy_chrCreate character vector without quotes
my.colorsColor-blind friendly palette
null-defaultDefault value for 'NULL'.
okularOpen pdf with okular
partialPartial apply a function, filling in some arguments.
pipePipe operator
rcpp_apply_generatorRcpp Apply Generator
remove_naRemove NA Entries from a Vector
repmatRep Mat Function
shell_transformerSystem convenience functions ———– Glue to shell...
softmaxSoftmax Function
stackoverflowSearch stackoverlow
strip_extensionStrip File Extension
twitterSearch twitter
uUnique elements in a vector
usunlist( strsplit( ... ) )
winsorizeWinsorize Function
xelatexCompile LaTeX via xelatex
youtubeSearch youtube
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