Man pages for GegznaV/knitrContainer
Collect and Print Multiple Objects in a `Knitr` R Markdown Report

add_as_Add object to 'knitrContainer'
add_as_headingAdd text as a heading (section name) to 'knitrContainer'
added_as[!!!] Set or get attribute 'added_as'
attach_objAttach an object to the end of a list
format_as_codeFormat object to be printed as a code in a Markdown file
Join[!] Merge objects to 'knitrContainer'
knitrContainerCreate, test and convert to 'knitrContainer' object
knitrContainer-classClass 'knitrContainer'
knitrContainer-packageCollect and Print Multiple Objects in a 'Knitr' R Markdown...
printPrint and summary methods for 'knitrContainer'
print_all[!] Print objects from 'knitrContainer'
summaryPrint and summary methods for 'knitrContainer'
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