Man pages for GegznaV/spAddins
A Set of RStudio Addins

format_rmdAdd-ins for basic R Markdown formatting.
insert_arrowsInsert arrow (->, ->>, <-, <<-).
insert_magrittr_operatorsInsert magrittr operators.
insert_symbol_sequencesInsert various lines.
repeat_symbolRepeat sequence of symbols.
replace_slashReplace slash.
rmd_code_blockConvert rows into the block of code.
rmd_equationsFormat as LaTeX equation.
rmd_headingsFormat text as R Markdown headings.
rmd_listFormat text as R Markdown list.
rmd_tablesInsert R Markdown tables
rs_enclose_all_with_linesEnclose selection with lines.
rs_enclose_selection_withEnclose selection of text with indicated symbols.
rs_get_indGet indices from the selection.
rs_insert_at_row_startInsert text at the beginning of the row.
rs_insert_before_first_selected_rowInsert text at the beginning of the first selected row.
rs_insert_infix_inInsert %in%.
rs_insert_infix_not_inInsert %!in%.
rs_insert_infix_RInsert %R%.
rs_insert_matrix_multiplicationInsert %*%.
rs_insert_symbol_seqInsert a sequence of symbols.
rs_replace_in_selectionReplace text in selection.
spAddinsA Set of RStudio Add-ins.
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