Man pages for GegznaV/spMisc
Infix Operators, Convenience and Other Kind of Miscellaneous Functions

all_na_rowsFind rows and columns in which all values are NA's
bru[+] Generate a string of repeated symbols
class_addAdd new class attributes to an object
clc[+] Clear console (Matlab style)
clear[!] Clear variables from workspace (current environment)
corr_vec2mat[+] Construct a correlation matrix from a coefficients'...
eval_[!] Parse a string and evaluate expression
fCap[+] Convert first letters of all words to capitals
fixed_to_regexpConvert fixed expression to regular expression
fullfileBuild full file name from parts
getVarValues[~] Parse arguments of a function and return approriate...
grapes-.-plus-.-grapesInfix versions of 'paste0' and 'paste'
grapes-plus-plus-grapesInfix versions of 'paste0' and 'paste'
html_add_line_to_headAdd a line of text in the last line of an HTML file head
html_enable_faviconsAdd code to HTML head that enables display of favicons
If-is-NULLInfix operator to insert default value if result is NULL
If-NULLInfix operator to insert default value if result is NULL
If-NULL-or-length-is-0[.] Infix operator %if_null_or_len0%
indMatrixCreate a matrix filled with its element indices
isFALSEIs an expresion equal to FALSE?
latex2rmdConvert Rnw to Rmd
list_AddRm[.] Find and display added and removed names
list_functions[+] List all functions in a package
make.filenames[!+] Convert string into Windows compatible filename
na.replaceMask NA values with other symbol
nDiag2nTri[+] Matrix: calculate number of elements in a lower/upper...
Not_in[!] Operator "not in"
nTri2nDiag[+] Matrix: length of diagonal when a number of elements in a...
open_wd[+] Open curent working directory
printDuration[+!] Evaluate how much time passed
rbind_df_in_listRowbind dataframes, which are elements of a named list
regcapturedmatches[.] Extract regular expression matches captured by names
regexp2df[!+] Capture information to a dataframe by regular...
rep_matRepeat object column-wise and row-wise
revalueMatrixCreate matrix of the same size just with new values
simCorrVars[+] Simulate correlated continuous data from standard normal...
Sort_matrix_elementsSort rows and columns of a matrix according to a criterion
spMiscConvenience, wrapper and other kind of miscellaneous...
st01[. will be removed] Standardize (rescale) values to intervat...
visNetwork_Wrapper for function visNetwork[+] Get indices of certain matrix elements
which.max.all[!] Get indices of minima/maxima
which.max.perRow[!] Indices of maximum values in each row/column
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