Man pages for GegznaV/spPlot
Plotting and Helper Functions for `hyperSpec`, `ggplot2` and `plotly`

DataSet1[+] Dataset: a data frame for illustrations
Datasets-sp[+] Datasets of simulated spectroscopic data
expr2latex_[!.] Translate 'plotmath' expressions to LaTeX and remove...
facet_wl[!] Control facetting parameters in 'ggplot' of 'hyperSpec'...
gg_barplotA barplot with counts above bars.
ggLims[!] Convenience functions to get and set the axis limits in...
gg_palette[!.] Add color palette to 'ggplot'
ggplot.hyperSpec[!] 'ggplot' method for class 'hyperSpec'
highlight_rangesHighlight wavelength ranges in a ggplot2 plot of hyperSpec...
label_expr2text[!] Convert 'plotmath' expresions in labels to text
nTick[+] Control number of ticks in 'ggplot2' plots with...
palette_PAP[+] Color palette
plotly_annotation_rm[!] Manage annotations in a 'plotly' object
plotly_modify_hover[!] Modify hover in a 'plotly' object
plotly_modify_legend[!] Modify legend of a 'plotly' object
plotly_tidyTidy up 'plotly' plot
spPlotVarious ploting functions for 'hyperSpec', 'ggplot2',...
subplot_1Wrapper functions for plotly::subplot
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