Man pages for GonzalezIgnacio/missRows
Handling Missing Individuals in Multi-Omics Data Integration

eigenvalueScaled Firts Singular Value of the SVD of a Matrix
estimNCEstimate the Number of Components for Data Imputation
imputeDataMFAImpute Missing Rows and Estimates MFA Axes
imputedDataGet the Imputed Data Tables
MFAMultiple Factor Analysis (MFA)
MIDTListInfrastructure for Multiple Imputation and Multi-omics...
MIMFAHandling Missing Individuals in MFA
missPatternInspects Pattern of Missingness
missRows-packageHandling Missing Individuals in Multi-Omics Data Integration
NCI60Data of the NCI-60 Cell Lines with Missing Individuals
plotIndPlot of Individuals (Experimental Units)
plotVarPlot of Variables: Correlation Circle
RVcoeffCalculate the RV Coefficient
searchsCombSearch the Element of a Combination
STATISSTATIS Analysis of Multiple Data Tables
tuneMTune the Number of Imputations in MI-MFA
wrapperSVDSingular Value Decomposition of a Matrix
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