Man pages for Greensway/BIRDS
A set of tools for Biodiversity Information Review and Decision Support

BIRDSBIRDS: A set of tools for Biodiversity Information Review and...
bombusObsSpecies observations for the genus _Bombus_ spp. in Götaland,...
bryophytaObsSpecies observations of bryophytes in Götaland, Sweden
communityMatrixCreate a community matrix
createOverlayForGridCreate spillover overlay for specific grid
createVisitsCreate unique visits IDs
drawPolygonCreate the polygon for the study area by drawing into a world...
exploreVisitsA function to explore the definition of field visits
exportBirdsExport single variables from SummarisedBirds objects
exposeIgnoranceCreate ignorance scores
findColsFind a text among column names
focalSpReportSummarise all records for a species
focalSpSummarySummarize records of a species among all visits
getGridIDsCreate unique IDs based on a grid
getTemporalCreate spillover overlay for specific grid
gotalandGötaland, Sweden.
gridAsStringConvert a grid into a web query string.
includeSpilloverInclude spillover observations
listSpeciesLists all species names from the data set
makeCircleCreate the minimum circle containing the points
makeGridMake a grid
OB2PolygonCreate the polygon for the study area from a dataset of class...
obsDataExtract observation data
obsIndexTemporalRelative observation index (Temporal)
organizeBirdsOrganize a dataframe to a usable format
organizeDateOrganize the date-column(s)
overlayBirdsOverlay BIRDS object and grid
renameGridRename the cells in a grid
searchPolygonSearching polygon covering Götaland, Sweden.
simplifySppSimplify species names
spatialVisitsA function to make the exploreVisits Spatial
speciesSummarySummarize all records for a species
summarizeBirdsSummarize the OrganizedBirds
visitsGet/set the visits
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