Man pages for GrossSBM/sbm
Stochastic Blockmodels

BipartiteSBMR6 class for Bipartite SBM
BipartiteSBM_fitR6 Class definition of an Bipartite SBM fit
coef.SBMExtract model coefficients
defineSBMDefine a network
estimateBipartiteSBMEstimation of Bipartite SBMs
estimateMultipartiteSBMEstimation for multipartite SBM
estimateMultiplexSBMEstimation for Multiplex SBM
estimateSimpleSBMEstimation of Simple SBMs
fitted.SBMExtract model fitted values
fungusTreeNetworkfungus-tree interaction network
is_SBMAuxiliary function to check the given class of an object
multipartiteEcologicalNetworkEcological multipartite interaction network
MultipartiteSBMR6 Class definition of a Multipartite SBM
MultipartiteSBM_fitR6 Class definition of a Multipartite SBM fit
MultiplexSBM_fitR6 Class definition of a Multiplex SBM fit
pipePipe operator
plotAlluvialPlot an alluvial plot between clusterings
plotMyMatrixPlot an adjacency or incidence Matrix
plotMyMultipartiteMatrixPlot the matrices corresponding to a Multipartite Network
plotMyMultiplexMatrixPlot the matrices corresponding to a Multiplex Network
plot.SBMSBM Plot
predict.SBMModel Predictions
sampleBipartiteSBMSampling of Bipartite SBMs
sampleMultipartiteSBMSampling of Multipartite SBMs
sampleMultiplexSBMSampling of Multiplex SBMs
sampleSimpleSBMSampling of Simple SBMs
SBMR6 virtual class for SBM representation (mother class of...
sbm-packagesbm: Stochastic Blockmodels
SimpleSBMR6 class for Simple SBM
SimpleSBM_fitR6 Class definition of a Simple SBM fit
warWar data set
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