Automatic Data Analysis and Visualization for FRAP

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This R package aims to automatically process Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching (FRAP) data and generate consistent, publishable figures. The automation would bring down the hour-long routine work to a few seconds.

Tired of tedious manual quantification of raw images? Check out my fraptrack repository :)


FRAP image courtesy of Dr. Michael Rosen's Lab:

FRAP image

(The top-left puncta is the targeted area.)



Summary result demo

Access details demo

Output figure demo

Updates in Version 0.1.2

# remove sample(column) 1 and 3 from "mut1" data 
modified <- exclude(example_dataset, "mut1", c(1,3))

View update history.


# Install frapplot from CRAN:

# Install frapplot from Github:

# Load frapplot

# bring up the manual


Example use of frapprocess and frapplot:

# after the preprocessing (refer to ./data-raw/preprocess.R)
info <- frapprocess(example_dataset, seq(0, 145, 5))

# view results

# plot any two groups as desired
frapplot ("output_dir", "control", "mut1", info)
frapplot ("output_dir", "control", "mut2", info)



frapplot() returns a list (if assigned to variable "info"):

frapplot() generates a pdf file that compares two groups of choice in the provided directory.

Test with An Example Dataset

An example dataset can be found here, which is courtesy of Dr. Michael Rosen's Lab and should never be used for other purposes.

The preprocessing generates ".rda" file that is ready to be loaded. The code has been tested with the example dataset and generates expected results. Note that only five samples are included in each group of this dataset for demonstration, but larger sample size is highly recommended for statistical robustness.

The code has also passed R CMD check.

Report Issues

Please report any bugs or issues here. The project also welcomes your contribution.


frapplot is licensed under the MIT License - see LICENSE for the details.


I truly appreciate the help and resources provided by Dr. Michael Rosen's Lab at UT Southwestern Medical Center for this project.

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