Man pages for HBGDki/ghap
Utilities for working on GHAP

fix_study_idClean up a study ID that may contain non-standard characters
get_adhocs_pathGet the path for the Vis-AdHocs repository
get_git_base_pathFind the local base git path
get_study_listGet a data frame of meta data about all "hbgd" studies
get_study_list_anthroGet a data frame of meta data about studies to be used
get_tblsParse docx tables to list of data.frames
git_adhocs_setupCheck out the Vis-AdHocs repository in the correct location...
git_setupFind the local base git path and clone it if it isn't there
make_plotSave a plot
meta_ghapMeta data that search_ghap is run against.
parse_docsCreate sdtm structure files from ASDTM tables from docx file
paste_reposRetrieve git hbgd repository addresses from data store...
save_and_uploadSave a plot and upload it to a project on OSF (
search_ghapapi to search ghap respositories
set_git_base_pathSet the base path for all repositories checked out from git
set_git_credentialsSet git credentials
show_repoVisually inspect structure of git repository before initial...
sparse_ghapCreate a sparse ghap repository
use_studyGet data for a given study ID
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