Man pages for HGray384/pcaNet
Probabilistic principal components analysis - covariance estimation and network reconstruction

bpcaNetBayesian PCA updates
bpcapMBayesian PCA ('pcaMethods' version)
compute_loglikeimpCompute the log-likelihood of the observed data given PCA...
compute_loglikeobsCompute the log-likelihood of the observed data given PCA...
compute_rmsCompute the root mean-squared error of a PCA projection
initParmsInitialise model parameters for 'pca_updates'
orthMatCalculate an orthonormal basis
pca_fullA wrapper for PCAMV (MATLAB) function implementations
pcaNet-packageProbabilistic principal components analysis - covariance...
pcapMA wrapper for pcaMethods function implementations
pca_updatesPPCA updates
ppca2CovinvInverse covariance matrix computation from PPCA
ppca2CovplotCovariance matrix visualisation
ppca2NetNetwork reconstruction from PPCA
ppcaNetProbabilistic PCA updates
ppcapMProbabilistic PCA (pcaMethods version)
ppcaQ2Cross-validation for PCA
subtractMuSubtract the row means from a matrix of data with missing...
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