Man pages for HIDAP/fbdesign
Creates a fieldbook

add_cmanagment_sheetAdd values to Crop_Management Sheet Data
add_fieldbook_sheetAdd values to Fieldbook Sheet Data
add_installation_sheetAdd values to Installation Sheet Data
add_material_sheetAdd values to Material_List Sheet Data
add_metadata_sheetAdd metadata to Weather and Soil Sheet Data
add_minimal_sheetAdd values to Minimal Sheet Data
add_varlist_sheetAdd values to Var_List Sheet Data
big_add_fieldbook_sheetAdd values to Fieldbook Sheet Data
big_crop_template_xlsxSpecial or Big Crop Template in HiDAP
big_get_tree_valueGet values from shinyTree multiple objects
countryCountry List
crop_listList of potato and sweetpotato tratis in HiDAP
cropsCrop List
crop_template_xlsxCrop Template for Excel Fieldbooks in HiDAP
design.alpha.checkAlpha Design Condition Checker
design.f2crdFactorial Two-Way Design under Complete Randomization
design.f2rcbdFactorial Two-Way Design under Complete Block Randomization
design_fieldbookGeneric fieldbook design function
design.undrUnreplicated design with no-randomization
Evaluation_FormsA list with evaluation and forms used in Participatory...
experimental_design_labelExperimental design Label
get_tree_valueGet values from shinyTree object
is_controlAdd values to Fieldbook Sheet Data
material_listA data frame with material list headers
organoleptic_formOrganoleptic forms to collect sensorial data in participatory...
potato_listList of potato tratis in HiDAP
randomize.designDesign a fieldbook.
ReadList of the dbf files
site_tableList of trial sites
studyStudy List
sweetpotato_listList of sweetpotato tratis in HiDAP
table_cropsList of crops in HiDAP
table_module_bigtable of special or big modules
table_module_potatoPotato traits
table_module_sweetpotatoSweet Potato Traits
Trait_ListList of potato and sweetpotato tratis in HiDAP
ui_design_bigshiny UI element big
ui_fieldbookshiny UI element
ui_fieldbook_paramsUI material list paramters
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