Man pages for Habet/CSE270

epl_00_18Data on English Premier League, 2000-2018:
f_data_smData on football matches from
final_tableFinal League table
france14_17Data on France Ligue 1, 2014-2017: Games and standings before...
getBoxScoreNBA regular season box scores
getPassingNBA players passing statistics
getPlayerBioNBA player's BIO
getPlayerIDNBA player IDS
getTeamRosterget Team roster
mlb_salaryMLB salaries, 1999-2017
mlb_standingsMLB final standings, 1999-2018, Regular season
nba12NBA stint time statistics for calculation of plus/minus/...
nba12pNBA player statistics for 2011-2012 from BasketValue
nba2009_2018Data on NBA games for regular season: 2009-2018
nba2016Data on NBA players 2015-2016
nba_eastData on NBA final standings, Eastern Conference, 1991-2019
nba_miscMiscellaneous data on NBA team statistics, season 2018-2019
nba_westData on NBA final standings, Western Conference, 1991-2019
nflData on NFL matches/regular season
nfl_stNFL final standings, 1998-2018, Regular season
poissbPoisson Predictor of Winning Probabilities for Two Teams in a...
portugal17Data on Portugal Primera Liga 2016-2017: Games and standings...
portugal18Data on Portugal Primera Liga 2017-2018: Games and standings...
seriea_stData final standings for Serie A - 1996-2019
transfersData on football transfers. Each row is one transfer
wc_14_finalPassing data from FIFA WC 2014 Final
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