Man pages for Hackout2/repijson
Tools for Handling EpiJSON (Epidemiology Data) Files an ej attribute to a dataframe an ejObject to a dataframe with one row per record
as.ejObjectgeneric as function a dataframe to an ejObject
as.ejObject.defaultBy default we don't know how to convert objects
as.ejObject.obkDataThis function processes objects from the obkClass data and...
as.SpatialPointsDataFrame.ejEventconvert an ejEvent to a SpatialPointsDataFrame
as.SpatialPointsDataFrame.ejObjectCreate a SpatialPointsDataFrame from an ejObject
as.SpatialPointsDataFrame.ejRecordconvert an ejRecord to a SpatialPointsDataFrame
attributeAsJSONConvert an attribute into JSON
attributeParserconvert a list representing an attribute into an ejAttribute
attributeToFileConvert a base64 attribute to a file
box2generic labelled box function
create_ejAttributeCreate an attribute This package outlines the aspects of the...
create_ejEventCreate an event
create_ejMetadataCreate metadata
create_ejObjectCreate an object
create_ejRecordCreate a record
createStandardMetadataGenerate standard metadata for EpiJSON
dataFrameToAttributesThe general functions that are used in multiple sections of...
define_ejEventCreates a event definition
ejAttributesExtract the attributes from an EpiJson Object
ejRecordsExtract the records from an EpiJson Object
epijsonObjectVisto view the structure of epijson objects and/or schema...
eventParserconvert a list representing an event into an ejEvent
fileToAttributeConvert a file to a base64 encoded attribute
generateUUIDGenerate a UUID
is.UUIDCheck strings for conformance to RFC4122
listToAttributesConvert a list with named elements into attributes
notNAReturn a value only if another is not NA
objectAsJSONConvert an ejObject into JSON
plus-.ejMetadataAdd an object to a metadata object
print.ejAttributeprint an ejAttribute object
print.ejEventprint an ejEvent object
print.ejMetadataprint an ejMetadata object
print.ejObjectprint an ejObject object
print.ejRecordprint an ejRecord object
processRecordThis function takes a single record from the obkClass data...
processRecordFrameThis function processes events from the obkClass data and...
read.epijsonconvert a textfile in epiJSON form into an ejObject
recordParserconvert a list representing a record into an ejRecord
repijsonClasses and functions to handle EpiJSON files
toyllToy line list dataset
write.epijsonWrite out an ejObject
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