Man pages for Hafro/rgadget
R package for Gadget models

adjustconsumptionAdjust for overconsumption
age.length.keyAge length key
aldistAge length dist
callGadgetCall GADGET
callParaminCall paramin in Kilos
distrLength distribution
firststepThe first timestep
fix_headersFix data headers in Gadget input files
gadgetdataConstruct a data-only gadget file
gadget_dir_write-list-gadget-main-methodWrite gadget main
gadget_discardDiscard named component
gadget_discard.gadgetfleetthis function removes named fleet components
gadget_discard.gadgetlikelihoodthis function removes named likelihood components
gadgetfileConstruct a new gadgetfile S3 object
gadgetFileIOOld style gadget file input and output (mostly deprecated)
gadget_filetypesRecognised GADGET file types and their quirks
gadget.fitGadget fit helper functions
gadgetfleetCreate a gadgetfleet object
gadget.forwardGadget forward
gadget-growth-classGadget growth
gadget.iterativeIterative reweighting for Gadget models
gadgetlikelihoodCreate a gadgetlikelihood object
gadget.optinfoGadget optimiser settings
gadget.optionsGagdet options
gadget.parametersGadget parameters
gadget.phasingGadget Phasing
gadget.retroAnalytical retrospective
gadget.sensitivityGadget sensitivity
gadget.skeletonGadget skeleton
gadgetstockCreate a gadgetstock object
gadgettimeCreate a gadgettime object
gadget_updateUpdate gadget components
gadget_update.gadgetfleetUpdate gadget fleet components in a fleet file
gadget_update.gadgetlikelihoodUpdate gadget likelihood components in a likelihood file
gadget_update.gadgetstockUpdate comonents of a gadgetstock object
gadget_update.gadgettimeUpdate gadget time components in a time file
gadget.variant.dirWrite the changes to the model into a model variant directory
gadget.yprGadget Yield per Recruit
growthprobUpdate length
init_guessInitial parameter guess
ldistLength distributions at age
lengthDistLength Dist
make.gadget.printfileMake gadget printfile
parse.gadget.formulaeParse a GADGET formulae string
pipePipe operator
plot.gadget.fitplot gadget fit
plot.gadget.optionsPlot gadget options
plot.gadget.sensPlot likelihood sensitivity
plot.RgadgetPlot Rgadget
pred_suitWrite suitability line for a predator
print.gadgetfilePrint given gadgetfile to stdout
read.gadget.fileRead gadget input file, return gadgetfile S3 class...
read.gadget.lik.outRead gadget lik.out
read.gadget.modelread gadget main
read.gadget.printfileRead gadget printfile
read.gadget.resultsGadget results
read.printfilesRead gadget printfiles
sub.gadget.formulaeReplace variables in formulae
suitabilityPrey suitability
summary.gadget.optionsSummary of gadget.options
surveydist_suitWrite suitability line for the surveydistribution likelihood...
survey.indexSurvey indices
survey.indexlenSurvey length index
to.gadget.formulaeTurn R expression into GADGET formulae string
vonBVon Bertalanffy
von_B_formulavon B formula
write.gadget.fileWrite gadgetfile to disk, including any dependant files, and...
write.gadget.printfileWrite Gadget printfile
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