Man pages for HaidYi/DASC
Detecting hidden batch factors through data adaptive adjustment for biological effects

adj2vectorTransform the adjacency matrix to a vector
DASCDetecting hidden batch factors through data adaptive...
get_fatherRepresenting node in this subtype
Ini_SemiNMFInitialization of the Semi-NMF
Loss_FroGet the error of Semi-NMF using frobenius norm
mergeCombine two trees into one
pred.consenPredict the classification using consensus matrices
pred.nmfPredict function of semi-NMF to determine which category are...
Semi_NMFMain function of semi-NMF
sNMFParallel implement Semi-NMF for different ranks and times
SptreeGet Spanning tree from adjacency matrix
stanfordDataStanford RNA-Seq dataset
trans_ADJOutputs Adjacency matrix from the factor vector
trans_LaplaceGet Laplace matrix from factor vector
update_GUpdate G in Semi-NMF
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