Canal Project QAQC

Are you entering data for the canal project? Use these R functions to check that your data tables are complete and realistic. This requires standard data entry templates

Functions: sediment_checker table for sediment nutients and isotopes seawall_checker table for seawall community BB scores outside_checker table for quadrats outside canal mouth inside_checker table for transect inside canal fish_checker fish observations table SG_stoich_checker table for seagrass nutients and isotopes

> canal_fish_data <- read.csv("completed_template.csv") # completed csv for, in this case, fish observations inside canal
> CanalProjectQAQC::fish_checker(canal_fish_data)

 Checking data quality 
[1] "Dataset column is ...  All good"
[1] "sampling_trip column is ...  All good"
[1] "canal number column is ...  All good"
[1] "quadrat column is ...  All good"

 Prints a list of all critters. Does this look right? Any repeats?
 [1] "Angel fish"       "Barracuda"        "blue crab"       
 [4] "brown striped"    "eagle ray"        "French grunt"    
 [7] "jack"             "juvenile"         "Juvenile"        
[10] "manatee"          "Mangrove snapper" "Menidia"         
[13] "Minnow"           "Mullet"           "Needlefish"      
[16] "Nurse Shark"      "Parrot fish unkn" "Pin fish"        
[19] "Rainbow parrot"   "Sardine"          "sea hair"        
[22] "Sgt major"        "snook"            "Stoplight parrot"
[25] "tarpon"           "unknown"          "Unkwn grunt"     

 These critters are not in the original categories. They're a new addition or you're spelling names differently 
[1] "These critters are new: Nothing new"

[1] "abundance  column is ...  All good"
[1] "size  column is ...  All good"

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