Man pages for HanOostdijk/CSW
Read access to Catalog Service for the Web information

CSW_DescribeRecordGet Description of CSW Records
CSW_display_nodeDisplay an xml document or node
CSW_GetCapabilitiesGet Capabilities of the CSW server
CSW_GetDataRetrieve data from CSW server
CSW_GetDomainGet Domain values of the CSW server
CSW_GetDomainParameterNamesGet elements that can be used in GetDomain as ParameterName
CSW_GetHitsGet the number of records that match a constraint
CSW_GetQueryablesGet Queryable values of the CSW server
CSW_GetRecordByIdGet catalog info for entry with given id
CSW_GetRecordsGet catalog info for records satisfying constraint
CSW_GetRecordsAllGet catalog info for all records satisfying constraint
CSW_get_urlGets the url for the catalog structure
CSW_get_versionGets the version for the catalog structure
CSW-packageCSW: A package for reading catalog information with the...
CSW_set_urlSets the url for CSW catalog structure
CSW_set_versionSets the version for CSW catalog structure
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