Man pages for HanOostdijk/odataR_old
Access to OData information

odataRodataR: A package for accessing OData information.
odataR_get_dataGet (part of) an OData data structure
odataR_get_rootGets the root for OData data and catalog structure
odataR_get_root_catalogGets the root for OData catalog structure
odataR_get_root_dataGets the root for OData data structure
odataR_get_subtableConvert a sub table (contents or properties) to a data.frame
odataR_get_subtablesGet information about sub tables in OData data structure
odataR_get_tableGet table in decoded form
odataR_list_tablesList the tables in an OData structure
odataR_set_rootSets the root for OData data and catalog structure
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