Man pages for HanjoStudy/quotidieR
Everyday functions for my personal use in analytics

address_to_gpsGoogle api call for turning address to gps coordinates
calendar_plotTime Series Calendar Heatmap plot
dual_plotPlotting of 2 series with a secondary Y axis
factor_convEasy coerse operator for changing character columns to vector...
forexTime series of the Forex and TWI
load_pkgEasy load operator for packages
load_toolboxEasy loading all analytics packages
mfa_data_reweightReweigh dataset based on MFA results
mfa_eval_plotsWrapper function for factorextra plotting functions
movemeMove column position
na_actionCounting/NAs of NA's per column or row vector
neg_matchOperator that produces negative match vector
nytnytwrapper for 'Sys.sleep'
open_xlsxUsing openxlsx to Create or Update an Excel Workbook
parKmeansParallel implementation of Kmeans
parMFAParallel Multiple Factor Analysis (parMFA)
plot_naPlot NA
plot_rf_treePlot Random Forest trees
recessionsTime series of the recession data from 1857
salesCross section sales analysis per individual
scale_colour_PublicationTheme to be used in journal publications
scale_fill_PublicationTheme to be used in journal publications
show_methodGet method
splitplotPlot dimension description visually
theme_PublicationTheme to be used in journal publications
tidy_hcpcTidy wrapper for HCPC results
tidy_mfaTidy MFA individual results
tidy_mfa_dimTidy MFA global PCA dim ("coord", "cor", "cos2", "contrib")...
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