Man pages for HaoLi111/MFVN
Multivariable Functions Visual & Numerical library

contourCharactercreate implicit plot with x,y base
contourExpressioncreate implicit plot with x,y base
contourFunctioncreate implicit plot with x,y base
DFReadRead and continue data from Dataframe
Exh2d2d Exhausive Validification
Exh3d3d Exhausive Validification
ImpPlot2d2D implicit Plot
ImpPlot3d3D Implicit Plot
LinLCalculate length of a discrete scatterplot line
MapBaseLocation Base of a matrix
MapplyApply a function for 2 independent variables and 1 dependent...
MapRDistance between spatial points
MatBaseRepeat for 2 vectors perpendicular placed
MatGradNumeric differential between points in the dataframe or...
MatRandGenerate Matrix of Random Numbers
MatVisAutomatic visualization of a spatial surface
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