Man pages for Helseatlas/shinymap
R-package to produce shiny maps of Norway

create_appDirCreate an appDir for shiny::runApp and rsconnect::deployApp
filterOutFilter routine
kolsDataset with data from the COPD health atlas
launch_appLaunch the application, either locally or to
makeMapCommon function to make a map
plotLeafletmapMake a Leaflet map
plotSimpleMapPlot a map with data
plotVariationMake a plot based on a data frame
readIAjsonRead json-data from IA
reduce_map_sizeReduce size of map
shp2geojsonFunction to convert a shapefile to geojson
testdataDataset with data from the COPD health atlas
utm33toLeafletConvert map from UTM 33 projection to epsg:4326 projection
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