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[R] Class Library - Graphics classes

000.Bitmap.OptionsData structure for default arguments to bitmap devices
000.PicTeX.OptionsData structure for default arguments to the pictex device
bringToTop.DeviceBring a device to top
choose.DeviceGUI figure selector
closeAll.DeviceCloses all open devices
close.DeviceCloses the device
ColorsThe Colors class
colorsToRGB.ColorsConverts colors to RGB values
DeviceThe Device class
epsEPS graphics device
findPngDevice.DeviceSearches for a working PNG device
getClosePoints.PlotsIndentifies data points that are \"close\"
getColorNames.ColorsReturns the built-in color names
getCyanMagentaColors.ColorsCreates Cleveland-style cyan-magenta colors from data
getGray.ColorsCreates gray scales from data
getHeatColors.ColorsCreates heat colors from data
getHSV.ColorsCreate HSV colors from data
getNext.DeviceOpens the next device
getOptions.DeviceGet the current default options for a given device type
getParameters.DeviceGets parameters specific to a certain type of device
getPrintPath.DeviceGets the current path where figures are saved
getRainbowColors.ColorsCreates rainbow colors from data
getRGB.ColorsCreate RGB colors from data
getRgbFromWavelength.ColorsCreate RGB colors from data
getTerrainColors.ColorsCreates terrain colors from data
getTopoColors.ColorsCreates topo colors from data
gifGIF graphics device
isColorName.ColorsChecks if a color name is known or not
isOpen.DeviceChecks if a device is open or not
new.DeviceCreates a new device
Non-documented_objectsNon-documented objects
open.DeviceOpens a device
plotRegions.DeviceStatic method plotting information about the different...
plotSymbols.DeviceDisplay available plot symbols
print.DevicePrints device to file
resetOptions.DeviceReset the current default options for a given device type
rgbToColors.ColorsConverts RGB values to colors
set.DeviceSets the current device index
setOptions.DeviceSet the current default options for a given device type
setPrintPath.DeviceSets the current path where figures are to be saved
setStyle.DeviceSets plot style for the current device
subplots.DeviceCreates a grid of subplots
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