Man pages for HenrikBengtsson/TopDom
An Efficient and Deterministic Method for Identifying Topological Domains in Genomes

countsPerRegionSubset a TopDomData object by region
ggCountHeatmapProduce a Count Heatmap
ggDomainAdd a Topological Domain to a Count Heatmap
ggDomainLabelAdd a Topological Domain Label to a Count Heatmap
legacyEasy Access to the Original TopDom v0.0.1 and v0.0.2...
overlapScoresCalculates Overlap Scores between Two Sets of Topological...
readHiCReads a Hi-C contact data file
stop_if_notAsserts the Truth of R Expressions
subsetByRegionSubset a TopDomData object by region
TopDomIdentify topological domains for given Hi-C contact matrix
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