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Objective Assessment of Copy-Number Estimates
blockAvg.matrixAverage matrix
findRocSmoothingForTpAtFpFind the amount of smoothing needed to obtain a minimum...
findRocSmoothingForTpAtFp.SegmentedGenomicSignalsInterfaceFinds the abount of binned smoothing required to achieve a...
findRocTpAtFpFind the ROC true-positive (TP) rate for a given...
findRocTpAtFp.SegmentedGenomicSignalsInterfaceEstimates the true-positive rate at a given false-positive...
fitRocCalculates the Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC)
fitRoc.SegmentedGenomicSignalsInterfaceEstimates the ROC for calling the state of genomic loci
getBlockAverageMapGets a index map for averaging blocks of data
makeTruthCreates a state function for a given ROC change-point region
Non-documented_objectsNon-documented objects
parseRegionParses a ROC change-point region string
RocCurveThe RocCurve class
scanRocTpAtFpFind the ROC true-positive (TP) rate for a given...
testSeparation.SegmentedGenomicSignalsInterfaceTests statistically the separation between two states
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