Man pages for HenrikBengtsson/future.BatchJobs
A Future API for Parallel and Distributed Processing using BatchJobs

await.BatchJobsFutureAwaits the value of a BatchJobs future
batchjobs_customBatchJobs conf futures
BatchJobsFutureA BatchJobs future is a future whose value will be resolved...
BatchJobsFutureErrorFutureError class for errors related to BatchJobsFuture:s
batchjobs_localBatchJobs local and interactive futures
batchjobs_multicoreBatchJobs multicore futures
batchjobs_templateBatchJobs LSF, OpenLava, SGE, Slurm and Torque futures
delete.BatchJobsFutureRemoves a BatchJobs future
future.BatchJobsfuture.BatchJobs: A Future for BatchJobs
grapes-resources-grapesTemporarily tweaks the resources for the current BatchJobs...
nbrOfWorkers.batchjobsGets the number of BatchJobs workers
print.BatchJobsFuturePrints a BatchJobs future
status.BatchJobsFutureStatus of BatchJobs future
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