Man pages for HenrikBengtsson/future
Unified Parallel and Distributed Processing in R for Everyone

as.clusterCoerce an object to a cluster object
availableCoresGet number of available cores on current machine
availableWorkersGet set of available workers
backtraceBack trace the expressions evaluated before a condition was...
clusterCreate a cluster future whose value will be resolved...
ClusterFuture-classA cluster future is a future whose value will be resolved...
ConstantFuture-classA future with a constant value
futureCreate a future
Future-classA future represents a value that will be available at some...
FutureErrorAn error occurred while trying to evaluate a future
FutureGlobalsA representation of a set of globals used with futures
future_lapplyApply a Function over a List or Vector via Futures
futureOfGet the future of a future variable
future.optionsOptions used for futures
futuresGets all futures in an object
getExpressionInject code for the next type of future to use for nested...
getGlobalsAndPackagesRetrieves global variables of an expression and their...
grapes-globals-grapesSpecify globals for a future assignment
grapes-label-grapesSpecify label for a future assignment
grapes-lazy-grapesControl lazy / eager evaluation for a future assignment
grapes-plan-grapesUse a specific plan for a future assignment
grapes-seed-grapesSet random seed for future assignment
grapes-tweak-grapesTemporarily tweaks the arguments of the current strategy
makeClusterPSOCKCreate a cluster of R workers for parallel processing
mandelbrotMandelbrot convergence counts
multicoreCreate a multicore future whose value will be resolved...
MulticoreFuture-classAn multicore future is a future whose value will be resolved...
multiprocessCreate a multiprocess future whose value will be resolved...
MultiprocessFuture-classAn multiprocess future is a future whose value will be...
multisessionCreate a multisession future whose value will be resolved...
nbrOfWorkersGets the number of workers available
planPlan how to resolve a future
private_lengthGets the length of an object without dispatching
remoteCreate a remote future whose value will be resolved...
requestCoreRequest a core for multicore processing
resolveResolve one or more futures synchronously
resolvedCheck whether a future is resolved or not
runRun a future
sequentialCreate a sequential future whose value will be in the current...
sessionDetailsOutputs details on the current R session
supportsMulticoreCheck whether multicore processing is supported or not
tweakTweaks a future function by adjusting its default arguments
UniprocessFuture-classAn uniprocess future is a future whose value will be resolved...
usedCoresGet number of cores currently used
valueThe value of a future
valuesGets all values in an object
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